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The citrus family is composed of a lot of popular members, such as oranges and tangerines. But there is one member that only a few know about, and that is the satsuma mandarin.

Satsumas are a type of mandarin orange that originated in Japan. They are the tiniest, tenderest, and sweetest type, as well as the simplest to peel. They are the most vulnerable type of mandarin due to their small size and tenderness, so they may be tougher to come across in supermarkets. Furthermore, they’re the juiciest of the bunch, with a well-balanced sweet-tart flavour that makes them delicious on their own or in savoury foods and sweets.

This citrus plant can thrive well in Perth climate and soil, most especially in colder seasons. Having this in your backyard is a treat since this is not always available in stores. Extra harvest can always be sold for additional income.

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