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Don’t be deceived by the small, round, cute fruits that are dangling on this small tree. These fruits look like plastic balls, but they are packed with huge amounts of benefits. These miniature citrus species are native to the Philippines and are available all year round. They can be used as a condiment, an ingredient in desserts, juices and can be taken as is. They are used in its unripened green state, but other countries also utilise the ripened ones as well.

So what can we benefit from calamansi? Aside from the vitamin C that it contains, it also contains large amounts of potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. This is why this is a good remedy for cough and colds. The pectin content also lowers the blood cholesterol in the body and an outstanding immunity booster.

Aside from the benefits that it can do inside our body, it also has equal benefits to the skin and hair. It can remove blemishes on the skin, a natural exfoliator can help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also help reduce dandruff and promotes hair growth.

This tree is easy to plant and propagate in Perth due to its favourable soil and climate conditions. Also, Mother’s Day is coming up and this is a great gift to give your mother this special day. Check out this link to order the calamansi fruit tree, which is fruiting now!

Want to give more on Mother’s Day? Try adding Nathan dwarf banana or grafted finger lime and avail of our packages for this special occasion.

All these fruit trees can grow and thrive in Perth and can make your fruit garden more wonderful.