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Gardening is a great way to reduce stress. It will make you calm and bring out your creativeness by doing your decoration. But did you know that the earliest gardeners grew plants for a practical reason?

Forest garden was the oldest type of gardening. They were originated in pre-historic times. Over 23,000 years ago, our ancestors discovered food-producing trees and grew them for their consumption abandoning their nomadic way of living. These people planted roots that marked the start of civilization.

After the emergence of the first civilization, wealthy people considered gardens as a type of art. They create one for aesthetic purposes. During ancient times, Egyptians grew trees like sycamores, date palms, fig trees, nut trees, and pomegranate trees. And they also grew a wide variety of flowers such as daisies, roses, cornflowers, irises and poppies. They believe that the deities loved gardens and so, temples usually had them. Ornamental gardens were started dying off a bit during the middle ages. Most gardens were designed to grow herbs other plants that can be used in medicine. Later on, after the fall of the Roman Empire, Europeans began to nourish gardens for both food and aesthetic

As you can see, gardening was very popular even before. Although they vary in style, some people wanted to grow plants to have easy access to food while others simply liked it to have a beautiful spot in their home to enjoy the sceneries and feel of nature.