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When you see the fruits of the custard apple, you would imagine that these come from outer space. Looks like a mysterious object, waiting to burst and there are little minions coming out of it. This exotic fruit bursts flavor and health benefits that a lot of people don’t know.

Annona squamosa as known in the scientific world has white, creamy, and custard tasting flesh. It is native to the Americas and West Indies. It was carried in Asia during the Manila Galleon trade.

To begin with, this fruit is not everybody’s favorite, and not that popular. But once you taste it, you will realize that this fruit should be part of your top 10 favorites.

The fruit also boasts a lot of health benefits and one that is comparable to plants such as guava and turmeric. Planting this is easy as pie since it thrives well with Perth soil and weather conditions. If you live in Perth and want to plant one of these fruit trees it is nice to check this link for more information. You can also avail of our planting service for an easier planting experience here in Perth. What are you waiting for? Plant, grow, and unlock the mystery of this exquisite fruit.