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Banana is a very common fruit, packed with nutrition, tastes good, and loved by many. These cute finger-like yummies are famous for their creamy texture and sweet taste and here in Perth, some thrive favourably.

Bananas are mostly grown in tropical regions, and they are categorised as dessert or cooking bananas. So below are some famous varieties:

Dessert Bananas

1. Cavendish Bananas

2. Gros Michel

3. Lady Finger

4. Blue Java

5. Manzano

6. Red Bananas

7. Goldfinger Bananas

8. Nanjangud Banana

9. Praying Hands

Cooking or Plantain Bananas

10. Orinoco

11. Fehi

12. Bluggoe

13. Macho Plantain

14. Pisang Raja

15. Lady’s Finger Bananas

16. Barangan Bananas

17. Dwarf Jamaican

Here in Australia, the 2 main varieties of bananas that are grown are Cavendish and Lady Finger. Cavendish bananas have varieties such as Dwarf Cavendish, Hybrids, Mons and Williams.

Planting and caring for bananas here in Perth is manageable because of favourable weather and soil conditions. If you plan to plant them in pots, then the Dwarf variety is the best choice.

Bananas grow fast and fruit abundantly. You can make a lot of banana splits and smoothies for your breakfast and snacks. We also suggest that you invite the Minions over to get a share of these delicious fruits!

If you want to plant one we can help you! Click this link to check out our dwarf banana plant and our planting service.