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We are so grateful to you, our subscribers and clients, for trusting Perth Mobile Nursery for all your gardening needs. We are very uncertain about the direction of our business because of the pandemic, but because of your loyalty, your trust, and your belief in us, we were able to survive and grow at these trying.

Thank you for the feedback, it always melts our heart knowing that we were able to educate, help and share our services with you. We also thank you for your patience and understanding for the times that we caused product and delivery delays. As much as possible, we want you to have a good experience and if we don’t do that we feel that we are not fulfilled.

This year would be a year of great things to come. We will come up with exciting new ideas, promos, and services that would really give value for your money. We look forward to great things with you, and we hope that you partner with us from this year and beyond in championing solutions for climate change, using sustainable products, avoiding plastic usage, and making our environment cleaner by planting more fruit trees.