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The tamarind fruit is something that is widely used in the culinary industry, but for normal people, it might be a term they have never heard before or have no idea about. Tamarind fruits can be used raw or preserved. The fruits can be sour or sweet depending on the variety and where it was grown. But what is tamarind exactly, and is it worth planting?

  1. Tamarind is a tree and was originally grown in Africa.

The tamarind is a massive tree and other than Africa, this is also grown in Mexico and other countries in South Asia.

2. Tamarind can be eaten fresh, dried, cooked, or preserved or made into juice.

Fresh tamarind can be added to soups or other savoury dishes to make the dish sour or tart. The pods can also be candied and preserved. Others create a paste from the pods and use it for jams, marmalades and even juice products.

3. Tamarind is a legume.

It also came as a surprise to us! This tree hails from the family of Fabaceae family and the pods don’t open naturally when it is old and remains closed. It is called an indehiscent legume.

4. Tamarind contains ingredients that are good for dry eyes.

The juice is added to eye drops and is paced on dry eyes 4-5 times a day.

It was said that doing this reduces symptoms of dry eyes.

5. Tamarind is largely produced in India today.

Indian recipes call for tamarind as one of the prime ingredients from savoury dishes to chutneys and desserts that’s why there is a high demand of the fruit in the country.

6. Tamarind trees can produce fruits abundantly for a long time.

The trees produce approximately 330- 500 lbs of fruit yearly and can stay this way for

50-60 years or sometimes longer after which the productivity slows down though it may live up to 100 – 150 years.

7. Tamarind trees can growth in Perth.

Due to the favourable soil and weather conditions, tamarind trees can grow and thrive here in Perth.

Now you know some basic facts about the question is, is it worth planting? If you want a sturdy tree that will give you shade and abundant fruit supply, then the answer would be a yes. However, it is still up to the customers’ decision and preference, but having this kind of tree can also add income by utilizing the fruits and making some good use out of it. Also, having a big tree in the backyard helps in absorbing carbon dioxide that helps reduce global warming with a bonus of added oxygen supply right in your own home! Order the tamarind plant and start creating your own edible garden. If you need assistance, we also provide planting services to jump start your gardening journey.

Don’t forget that planting a tree in your backyard creates a huge impact on the environment. When you start to take of nature, nature will give you back a with bountiful harvests and clean fresh air.