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We all know that Snow White’s refuge was in the forest when the huntsman asked to leave and never come back. She was able to go to the place of the dwarves, and she loved it. She was with them until the time that she ate that poisonous apple, died, and came back to life with the Prince’s kiss.

Looking back, we think that if Snow White had this plant in their garden, she would have ignored that dreaded apple. For one, this fruit is easy to grow and propagate, and the dwarves will easily harvest these because the tree is just short, so they have an abundant supply in their home. Second, she might become friends with the witch because she will give her a lot of bananas and the witch might think twice and give the apple to Snow White? What do you think?

Kidding aside, this banana variety is one that can be grown and maintained easily. The fruit is small that tastes sweet and has a creamy texture. Best to plant in pots and gardens since it grows to a maximum height of 2m.

The fruits are ready when the withered, black flower is crumbly and dry at the bottom of the banana and the fruits are becoming rounded. They also need to be nourished with a complete fertilizer and garden lime every few months.

This variety will easily grow in Perth because of the favourable weather and soil conditions. Perth Mobile Nursery can supply and assist you with planting this cute banana plant. Check this link to know more about this variety and to see other plant supplies.