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What comes to your mind when you hear the word wax jambu? Does it sound like a toy? A unique adventure? A tribe? Well, none of those are the correct ones. Wax jambu is a fruit. An exotic fruit that is packed with a lot of health benefits.

The fruit is also called a rose apple, but not a relative of the apple. Its colours vary from pink, yellow, and green. This fruit hails from Malaysia, Indonesia and Indian subcontinent. It can be similar to an apple in the way that it is eaten, raw, and with its skin on. Ripened wax jambu is crisp on the outside, with a mix of sweet and bitter flavour. The tree is considered ornamental and tools can be made out of it.

As exotic as it seems, this fruit boasts a lot of healthy benefits. Some notable benefits are:

  1. Manage Diabetes – The low glycemic index of wax jambu makes it an ideal fruit to eat if you have diabetes. It contains a compound known as Jambosine that is very effective in Diabetes.
  2. Helps Digestion – Wax jambu is very abundant in dietary fibre and it helps prevent bloating and constipation.
  3. Boost Immunity – The fruit contains a significant amount of vitamin C and A that helps increase our immunity. Iron and calcium also protect that body from harmful diseases.
  4. Cleanse kidney and liver – Because of its diuretic properties, wax jambu is sometimes juiced to cleanse the liver and kidney for toxins.
  5. Prevents cancer – A small fruit but can help in eliminating the big C. Because of the significant amount of vitamins inside wax jambu, researchers found out that this fruit can be consumed to lessen the risk of cancer.

Amazed? But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Wax jambu has still a lot to offer and it would be really nice to have a steady supply of this fruit as a part of your health supplement. Planting this in Perth is also easy because the soil and climate are favourable for this fruit to thrive. Order your wax jambu seedling now and have a bountiful supply of anti-oxidants. We also offer planting services to make your gardening easier!