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Do you ever find growing plants difficult? Do you always end up buying plants, and then it dies after several weeks? Are you thinking of the perfect fertiliser for your plant but don’t know how to apply it correctly? Well, we have the solution for you.

Introducing…. treerings! So what are Treerings? Treerings are custom-made fertilisers, shaped as rings that you can readily apply to trees, crops, garden, etc. They can be customised to suit specific soil and plant needs.

The Treering is made from locally sourced recycled organic waste materials and is designed to preserve moisture and reduce water consumption – it’s a green product!

Treerings are supplemented with a unique combination of nutrients and trace elements for plants, trees, and shrubs, encouraging healthy growth and helping to boost soil.

Below are some benefits of Treerings:

How to apply?

  1. Check the plant where you will place the Treering.
  2. Break a Treering in half, place it around the trunk of the tree/shrub or on the soil.
  3. You are done!
  4. You won’t need to replace the Treering for up to 12 months.

Below is a video to help you how to apply it:

Want to order these goodies? Go to this link to purchase.

Special thanks to Treerings Australia for this amazing product and for the partnership. To know more about this, please visit their website,