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Being self-sufficient is one of the ultimate goals of people, especially with food. But with this busy and fast-paced life, we tend to forget this goal and because it’s always available in stores, in markets, restaurants, everywhere. However, with the surge of the rising cases of COVID-19, people became aware of the value of self-sufficiency and being able to have food on the table even if food sources outside are not available.

And one thing to do is to have a food garden, either vegetable or fruit, and for the purpose of this blog, our focus is having a fruit garden even in a small space, at the comforts of your home.

So how to start? Here in Perth, a lot of fruits can be grown because of favourable soil and climate conditions. Below are some guidelines on how to create a fruit garden:

  1. Check and measure location – This will help in determining what types of plants can be planted in that specific area. Will it be planted on a pot or on land? And yes there are fruit-bearing plants that you can plant on pots and can still produce abundantly (ie mango tree).
  2. Decide on which plants to plant – You can choose from having 3 or more plants in your garden. You can choose based on the fruit that you want to harvest. You may also choose plants based on their harvest time and purpose. For example, if you want to plant apples, but the space is little, you might opt for dwarfed apples or 2 in 1 grafted apples. You can also decide based on how you grow them. Like stone fruit, for example, it needs two varieties for cross-pollination. But if you have a large parcel of land, it would be nice to grow big trees for added shade and grandeur.
  3. Prepare soil for planting – Best to research or ask a professional gardener to ask the best mixture to use in soil preparation. If you plan to put it in the pot, different soil preparation methods are needed.
  4. Get ready to plant – Before deciding on planting, make sure to check the proper care and growing instruction of the plants so that it can help you decide where to place that plant and what is the best way to propagate it. If you plan to use seeds, prepare seedbeds or cups to let them germinate and grow as seedlings. We can also use cuttings to propagate plants or be the best option would be to buy seedlings that are ready for transplanting to a bigger pot or on land. It is highly suggested to choose that is already grafted so that the harvest will b earlier compared to a non-grafted variety.
  5. Follow care guidelines for the maximum growth and nutrition of the plant. Other plants need to be watered daily, some need after a week. Other plants need to be hand-pollinated and some need to be placed under nets for added protection.

Growing fruit trees entails passion, patience, and hard work, and yes once the harvest is available, it really pays off! We at Perth Mobile Nursery offer a wide selection of fruit trees that suit your needs. Please check this link to see our products. We also offer planting services to get you the hassle of planting and preparing your soil. The link is here to know more about that service.