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Ginger being tropical, grows well from spring to following autumn or in greenhouse where one can create humidity. It is easy to grow. Ginger has no roots, like potato. It’s called rhizome. You can grow ginger in a large pot using those gingers from the veggie shop.

Pick a lumpy, juicy ginger with lots of nodes to help new shoots. Get well drained potting mix and spread few gingers with nodes about 8cm (3 inches) deep in the pot and cover them with same potting mix and water well. Watering has to be consistent, preferably, in the evenings. With a good well drained potting mix any excess water should come out through bottom drain holes. If you don’t use well drained potting mix rhizomes will rot and won’t grow. Rule of thumb, new shoots should appear in less than 3 weeks from the time they are placed. Ginger is fairly fast growing in summer and can be harvested in autumn. Good luck!