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Climate change slowly takes over our planet. Year after year the destruction that this event brings keeps on increasing and our future is at stake here. We have noticed and experienced some devastating effects of climate change, and it should not be taken lightly. We need to make ways on how to reduce its effects, and we can start by planting more trees.

Tree planting is one of the effective, simplest, and cheapest ways to fight climate change. When trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas present in the atmosphere.

Planting just one tree per backyard creates a great impact in the community, can affect the whole country and eventually the whole world. Though we are not saying planting trees is the only solution to stop climate change, it is one of the most effective and practical solutions that can be done by people from all walks of life, including kids and senior citizens.

So how can trees help this huge problem? A study conducted by the Swiss Institute of Integrative Biology last 2019 suggested that if we plant a trillion trees can significantly reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and help reduce climate change. Aside from absorbing carbon dioxide, it also gives off oxygen that we need. Trees, particularly forests, clean out air, reduce flooding, and provides habitat for animals. In cities, trees cool off urban air, which is brought about by urban construction and human activities. Prof. Tom Crowther, the lead researcher of this study, says that tree planting is possible because it is available, cheap and everyone can be involved. People can plant trees individually, mostly in their backyards, donating to forest restoration programs or avoiding irresponsible companies.

Tree planting is one viable solution to counter climate change, but there are a lot more things to do to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases. We should reduce the use of fossil fuels for energy and resort to using renewable energy instead. Next, to minimize or totally remove meat and dairy from our diets, forests are converted to farmlands for animal feeds and for grazing. It also leads to the reduction of carbon emissions and the conservation of freshwater.

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Taking a small part in fighting climate change such as planting a tree in your own backyard can make a huge impact if it will be seen as a collective effort. Our future and the generations ahead of us are at stake, and we need to act fast to save our planet from ultimate destruction. Become a tree champion. Plant a tree NOW!