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From the scientific name itself (Citrus Maxima), Pomelo is considered as the largest citrus fruit from Rutaceae family.

The beauty of Pomelo fruit being large is not only on the outside, but also on the inside as it is jam packed with nutritional health benefits.

This high in anti oxidant fruit only has 38 calories per 100 mg. A pomelo fruit usually weigh around 1-2 kilogram. It produces a semi sour to sweet delicious fruit making it as one of the best dessert to serve on your table.

Pomelo tree can stay and last in warmer climate. A dwarf pomelo tree is created to provide the same generous amount of fruit as what a regular large tree does, without having the need of a large room to grow.

Pomelo tree is native in Southeast Asian countries but is now widely available and can be grown here in Australia.

The fruit is also great in salads, marinade, juice or just eat it right out of your hand. Carefully peel the skin of pomelo, making sure not to transfer the juice of its skin to the actual fruit to ensure the sweetness of each and every pulp!