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My Mother Is…

My mother is - perthfruittree

Mother’s Day is just days away, and it would be nice to add a little fun and excitement by joining our contest.

Why Long Weekends are the Best Time to do Gardening at Home.

Why long weekends are - perthfruittree

When we think of gardening, we think of labor-intensive work such as plowing the fields, carrying heavy loads, planting and watering the plants, etc. Yes, gardening can be tedious, if you have a huge field to utilize or a farm to manage, but doing home gardening is really far from doing a large workload. In […]

Is Lemon Myrtle a Fruit?

Is Lemon Myrtle a Fruit - perthfruittree

Indigenous Australians have utilised the Lemon Myrtle’s attractive leaves for a wide range of uses. Hydration and nutrition were both gained by drinking from them, as sucking on them was a good source of both. By chewing or pulverizing the leaves into a paste, the disease-fighting and antibacterial qualities of the leaves were released. The […]

The Beginning of a Revolution

The Beginning of a Revolution - perthfruittree

Years ago, we do not give much importance to the impact of global warming. Some say that it’s just a hoax, a fake issue. But there is truth to that right now. The consequences of our carelessness for the environment is now taking its toll on us and if we don’t act now we might […]

Thank You for a Wonderful Year

Thank You for a Wonderful Year - perthfruittree

We are so grateful to you, our subscribers and clients, for trusting Perth Mobile Nursery for all your gardening needs. We are very uncertain about the direction of our business because of the pandemic, but because of your loyalty, your trust, and your belief in us, we were able to survive and grow at these […]

Today is the Last Day (SALE)

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December is here! Christmas is just around the corner. Have you thought of gifts to give this yuletide season? Are you considering gifts that are valuable, sustainable, and can last a lifetime? WE GOT YOU! Today is the LAST DAY of the BLUEBERRY PACKAGE SALE! GET THE VERY EARLY CHIRSTMAS DEAL FOR ONLY $99 AUD! […]

The King of Fruits

The King of Fruits - perthfruittree

Mangifera indica, a scientific name of a sweet, yellow fruit when it is ripe, and sour, green fruit when it’s raw, a mango. A member of the cashew family, Anacardiaceae, and one of the most widely cultivated fruit in tropical countries especially in Myanmar and some states of India where it originated from. Mango is […]

Fruit Trees as a Present this Holiday Season

Fruit Trees as a Present this Holiday Season - perthfruittree

The holiday season is coming, everyone is busy thinking about vacation, reunion and other stuff. Have you ever though of what gift is the best to give this holiday season? How about buying a fruit tree as a gift? Fruit trees are the best option. First, it is unique. We usually receive clothes and food […]

Why Choose Dwarf Trees?

A normal tree grows about 20 feet tall or higher, but mature dwarf trees grow about half of that. In horticultural practices, dwarf trees are artificially kept to a smaller size than their standard size. Whether you have a tiny space or enough room for a home orchard, dwarf fruit trees are a lovely addition […]

Some Facts about Figs

Some Facts about Figs - perthfruittree

Fig trees — scientific name, Ficus carica, the fig tree comes from the moraceae, or mulberry family. The fig plant is a bush or small tree with large, tough, seasonal leaves that are strongly lobed or practically whole, growing from 1 meter (3 feet) to 10 to 12 meters (33 to 39 feet) tall. It […]