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There are a lot of reasons that can make people happy. Achievements, family, hobbies, material things, and a lot more. It really depends on the person having that feeling. However, there is one thing people find much happiness nowadays, and it is gardening. Even before the pandemic hit, many people attest to the emotional benefits of gardening, particularly happiness and good mental well-being.

A Princeton study published in Landscape and Urban Planning explains the reason why gardening positively elevates one’s mood.

It was stated that people who did gardening had increased emotional well- being, and it is found out that people who did vegetable gardening had experienced higher happiness levels compared to ornamental gardeners.

Aside from the ones mentioned in the study, doing gardening can also increase focus and concentration. Sulking up in beneficial sunlight releases the hormone serotonin, the wakefulness chemical, and increases the feeling of well-being. Vitamin D on the other hand regulates the amount of phosphate and calcium in the body needed to keep the bones and teeth healthy.

People also noticed that gardening makes them closer to mother earth, keeps them off stress, and makes them feel fulfilled. Just browse some social media sites, and people who are into gardening are proud and happy with what they have achieved.

Indeed, gardening really gives happiness to people. It boasts a lot of benefits not only to the body but to the mind and in the whole emotional well-being of a person. Start gardening today and experience the benefits that it can do to oneself, the community, and the environment.

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