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The clamor to change our practices for the benefit of a better world is getting louder and louder every year. We have heard of climate change protests in different parts of the world and people seem to understand the importance of this campaign. Different advocacies and environmental groups have sprung up to heed the call of this urgent concern.

Perth Mobile Nursery wants to be a part of this good cause, and now we encourage everyone to become a TREE CHAMPION! So what is a tree champion? Tree champions are people who want to help save the environment by planting trees in their own backyard or gifting trees to people who want to plant trees in their backyard.

Planting trees is one of the ways that we can fight climate change, though there are still other ways to help save the environment. Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen for us to use. Trees absorb the carbon and feed on it, which helps reduce carbon in the atmosphere and eventually helps reduce climate change.

Be a Tree Champion and Help Save the Environment 2 - perthfruittree

A small act of just planting one tree makes a huge impact if we all do our part in saving the environment. If you need help in choosing which trees to choose from, we can help. We have a good inventory of fruit trees that are ready to be planted and will give you a bountiful harvest in the future. You are helping the environment and mother nature rewards you with edible treats. Want to plant one? Check out this link to see our available trees. New to planting? No worries! We can help you by getting our planting service to help you create your edible garden.

It is always fulfilling to do something great, and one way to start is by planting a tree and encourage people to do the same. One tree from each household can help reduce climate change. Be A TREE CHAMPION NOW and help save the planet and the future generation!