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One look is all it takes to be mesmerized by this fruit. Looks odd, mysterious, and exotic, but this fruit really packs a punch! This fruit is known as Brazilian cherry or commonly known as Surinam cherry. This is native to tropical South America and common varieties are red and dark red.

This fruit can be cultivated and grown in Perth due to favourable soil and weather conditions. And a lot of people are starting to grow this tree because of the benefits it possesses. Compared to its common relative, the American cherry, Surinam cherry is not round. The fruits resemble a starfruit but with more partitions and a bit smaller. For some, the looks are not appetizing but if the fruit is given a chance, it offers a lot of great advantages to our body.

Surinam cherry is rich in anti-oxidants, phosphorus, vitamin C, niacin, and iron. It also provides help in gastrointestinal problems and has antibacterial and antitumor properties. Fruits are eaten raw and the leaves are also used as astringent and sometimes used as a tonic.

There are a lot of useful things that the Surinam cherry can do for our bodies. It would be nice to have a tree like this in our backyard and get an endless supply of this powerful tiny fruit. First-time gardeners? Not a problem! We offer planting services to help our clients with their gardening concerns. Our Brazilian cherry plant is also available here.

If you need further assistance then just send us a message and will get right back to you! Happy plant shopping!